In Their Words

"Jason is everything you want in a producer. He always received my input with an open mind as well as he provided it. Jason is a well rounded, skilled musician and a true artist. A rarity." - Dillon Biggs
"Jason is a high quality, talented producer. He is easy to work with and always delivered great music specific to our sound and in a timely manner. We have always had a great time working with Jason, and were always happy with what he created for us." - Whitney & Jaclyn Kraft

In My Words


I've always enjoyed melody, harmony, and rhythm, before I properly understood what the term 'music' actually meant, going all the way back to the music box my parents gifted my brother and I back in 1994 that I used to listen to over and over again. When I was in elementary school, my older brother played trumpet in the high school marching band, my family would go to the football games and watch the band perform. I would demand to sit next to the drum line in the stands so I could watch in awe at their mastery of precision and timing. It was at this point in my life that I was slowly convincing myself to be a drummer. So when I finally and definitively decided that's what I was going to do when I got to middle school, I told my parents, and we all agreed that I should start with piano, to give myself a leg up on the competition for the percussion spots in the middle school band program. Long story short, I tried out after months of practicing and I didn't make it. I decided, sadly, that trumpet would have to do, and I'm positive now that if this is where the story ended, then I never would have pursued music. Then, a teacher retired and all the classes got shuffled up, and somehow, there was now a spot for me in percussion.

Without going into my entire life story, from there I:

  • Became interested in drum set, started jamming in the back of a computer repair store (with the dozen friends that decided guitar was the coolest)
  • Stumbled into live sound through volunteering at one of the local megachurches that dot the Texas landscape
  • Started picking up various other instruments, out of boredom and curiosity
  • Developed an interest in recorded sound
  • Bought Pro Tools
  • Learned how to use Pro Tools (I found out buying and learning were two very different processes)
  • Spent four months learning everything I needed to know about how to work a studio in a professional studio in Houston called 226 Recordings
  • Joined a songwriting school
  • Learned to write songs
  • Quit a songwriting school
  • Formed Drop Out Vegas with former songwriting school coworker and songwriting partner Skyler James
  • Decided to open J. Bentch Productions, a vehicle for me to work with and develop artists of varying life stories in order to create something new and amazing that neither of us could have created in any other environment
  • Graduated summa cum laude from Berklee College of Music with a bachelor's degree in Interdisciplinary Music Studies, a program I chose so I could build on what I already knew

Over the years, I have been building up my knowledge, my equipment, and my skills. I have been creating relationships and connections with the greatest people a person could ever know. I have been working to create a sound for myself, something that I believe every producer needs as a signature of their work.