Who is Oseas Kline?

Jason Bentch is no stranger to internet success. Between his multiple collaborations with United Kingdom-based YouTube company, The Yogscast, and his tenure as one half of the Texas-based indie-electronic band, Drop Out Vegas, his productions have been heard online by millions of people around the world. The 24-year old, Austin-based producer, having placed Drop Out Vegas on a hiatus, decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree from Berklee College of Music, which he earned in less than two years. While studying with Berklee, he sought to broaden his musical horizons and turned his attention to electronic music, a type of music that he had always loved but had never had the chance to fully delve into before. In immersing himself in sound design and electronic production, Bentch discovered a newfound passion for creating, composing, and songwriting, something that had dwindled over time as the stress of touring nationally had worn him down.

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Oseas Kline is a part of the next generation of music producers who see electronic music not as a cultural fad but as the last frontier to be explored. Abandoning traditional tropes and standards of "EDM," and instead focusing on musicianship, songwriting, and flow, he seeks to push boundaries and defy genre politics in the pursuit of finding his production voice. Kline knows that technology is not the enemy of music, it is the vehicle with which music will evolve, and he utilizes dozens of instruments, controllers, and programs to search for the future of music.

"For a long time with Drop Out Vegas, I felt like we were putting ourselves in a box, creatively. We imposed a lot of rules for songwriting and production, and while it resulted in music I still love and stand strongly behind, it left me feeling artistically vacant."

Once graduated, he turned his attention to himself to fully pursue his artistry under the moniker, Oseas Kline (a name borrowed in equal parts from his Great-Grandfather, Oseas, and his favorite painter, Franz Kline). In August of 2018, Kline released his debut EP, Kota, a four-song exploration of the influences that brought him to electronic music in the first place, as well as the pop culture influences (such as video games and anime) that have found a way into his music. Blending electronic inspirations such as Porter Robinson and Daft Punk with the indie influences that has dominated his musical style over the past decade, Kline wants Kota to be the culmination of the music that brought him to this point, and the starting point of his next musical adventure. In addition, Kota is the first part of a trilogy exploring the world of the Old Gods, from the perspective of Kota, the girl featured on the cover art for the EP that shares her name.

In order to properly tell her story, Kline has begun work with British animator and director, Howard Wimshurst. Together, they plan to release a series of animated music videos that follow Kota in her journey. Equipped with hand drawn visuals and an explosive live set and a dynamic DJ set, Kline will tour the United States throughput the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019.

Kota is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon.

To contact or book Oseas Kline, please send an e-mail to oseaskline@gmail.com