Jason Bentch has succeeded in establishing himself in today’s music industry. As an up and coming multi-talented musician, he saw a need to bring a flexible, single source, holistic approach to music production. Trained as a sound engineer, string and brass arranger, composer and producer, no project is too big or small for Jason’s hands-on-approach. From demos to full album productions, he strives to ensure the highest quality and bring out the greatest potential in any artist regardless of age, experience, and talent.  Here is a listing of available services:

• Production - Taking a song from the writing room all the way to mix by providing creative direction and innovative ideas in sound design and song arrangement

• Mix Engineering - I aim to provide you with the best mix possible for your next album. With the creative use of my arsenal of over 250 plug-ins, your expectations will be exceeded.

• Mastering - Leave the last 5% of the production process to me to put a finishing shine on your masterpiece. Mastering is not a preset science, but a skillful art, don't entrust your project with any engineer that feels otherwise.

• Demo Recording - Perfect for small budgets and short time frames, yield impressive results with one day demos, all you need to bring are words, chords, and melodies, the instrumentation, mix, and master are provided!

• Live Musician - If you want it, I can probably play it. A pianist first, a drummer at mind, and a guitarist when needed (though a bassist at heart (somehow)); with ten years of musical experience behind me, I am equipped and prepared for a variety of styles and genres.

• Live Engineering - Capable and experienced in running digital and analog sound boards, your venue will never sound better.

• Mobile Recording - Armed with a quality assortment of microphones, a sea of cables, and a mobile interface, I can bring the studio to you. Record your favorite piano. Record your middle school concert band. Whatever the circumstances, I can provide the necessary equipment and expertise to turn any room into a professional studio.

• Live Sound Design Consulting - Does your venue or church's sound system sound terrible? That can be fixed. If you want to take your room to the next level, contact me for consulting, equipment acquisition, setup and installation.

• Composition & Arrangement - Berklee educated in the art of orchestration (specializing in film and TV), as well as electronic music composition, I aspire to provide your next film or commercial with whatever musical accompaniment you desire.

• Production Lessons - Interested in learning music production? Learn about the art of production in a one-on-one setting from an experienced user of multiple DAWs. Contact for more information.

For examples of my work, please see the music page. Contact for pricing and project consultation.